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Forest Insurance Center Agency
7350 M-123

Newberry, MI 49868
Phone: 1-800-272-7805
Fax: 906-293-5444

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Forest Insurance Center Agency
Mauck Insurance Agency

   Forest Insurance Center Agency Inc is a full service insurance agency located in Newberry, Michigan offering the eastern Upper Peninsula and Lower Michigan complete insurance solutions. Forest Insurance Center specializes in providing insurance solutions for the businesses in the eastern Upper Peninsula & Lower Michigan including contractors, restaurants, grocery stores, gas stations, loggers, truckers, excavators, hotels, auto dealers, & recreational vehicle dealers. We understand that insurance is a difficult part of running a business and often one of your most costly expenses. We take the time to meet you, at your home, office, or business and explain the different insurance products that may be helpful to your business. We offer a complete line of insurances for commercial insurance including general liability, umbrella liability, property, inland marine/equipment, workers compensation, and bonding. Additionally we have a dedicated team of insurance professionals that focuses on personal insurance including life, home insurance, auto insurance, and insurance for camps/vacation homes, & toys including motorcycles, boats, snowmobiles, four wheelers, UTV’s, dirt bikes, and other things.

     Forest Insurance Center Agency is different then your traditional insurance agency. We are owned through a holding company of the Michigan Association of Timbermen. Our profits are distributed at the discretion of the board of directors, made up of business owners of the forest products community. We are working hard to support one of the biggest industries in Michigan and Wisconsin, the forest products community.

     Originally and to this day we provide some of the best insurance solutions to the forest products community in Michigan & Wisconsin, however we have evolved into much more than just an insurance agency that focuses on loggers, log truckers, sawmills, planing mills, lumber yards, dimension wood shops, etc. We still provide great insurance solutions to the forest products community but we also have the ability to handle the commercial, personal, and life insurance needs to any individual or business. Our no-nonsense approach is a fresh take on something that people usually dread, insurance. We understand insurance and work closely with you to develop a protection plan you can live with and afford.

     Give us a call today and let us review your needs, provide more complete protection, and save you money! You’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you find.

Maximizing The Value of Your Commercial Insurance


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  • Insurance coverage for business owners and their employee's in the forest products industry.

  • Personal Insurance Policies.

  • Loggers, Sawmills, Truckers, Retail Yard, Dimension Lumber, Pallet, Chipping or Tree Service are just a few of the area's we handle.

  • Licensed in Michigan and Wisconsin


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